TCG photos…


night view mirror night antena preparing (disinfestation) tv rx
night flat roof view from anntena mast tower position gps epe 2,5 m tcg
top on tower after snow shower tune for max smoke! rx or tx ? operation equipment  pc 386 with N6TR login software  trx IC746  sloper and antena switch  pa TL922
night view on Louny city from top tower operating with water and pizza and mounted with ok1ffu operation room
top the tower tune rx loop befor contest 23:58 utc :-) forever tune rx loop in contest 00:07 utc :-)) red hot antena after contest
Louny city (west) before  electric power station Pocerady before  Krusne mountains Louny city before  Czech central mountains - volcanic source Louny (east) city before  Czech central mountains  in centre picture Mt. Milesovka 837 m view on hop-garden before  Louny city with OL5Q tower (red mark)
looks next qso view from end 370 m long beverage (north america) to tower (40 m high) Louny (east) city before  in centre picture Hazmburk ruin castle anntena mast on top tower
sleep in white day? operator and his hunger view on ground 6 m antena
admire unlimited contest station OK5W (without url) vhf friend's from OK2KJT  big gun's on the 2 m band