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USRP libraries(Edit)

These are libraries for using USRP with Winrad and Skimmer Server. It is based on GNU Radio drivers for USRP. Their source code was been adapted for compiling by Visual C++ 2005.

The installation must be done manually - I did not expect such number of candidates that would outweigh my laziness to create the installation program ;-) It is therefore necessary to perform these steps:

  1. Unpack file UsrpDrv.zip (31 kB) into separated directory. This is standard libusb drivers with inf file for USRP. Then connect USRP to PC and power up it. Window appears to add a new device. Select the manual search for drivers and enter the path to directory with it. The new device will be named "USRP filter".
  2. Unpack file UsrpFw.zip (2.0 MB) to the root directory of disk, on whitch is installed Winrad and Skimmer. Typically you will create the directories C:\usrp\rev2 a C:\usrp\rev4. This directories contains firmware for different revisions of USB2 interface chip, the Cypress FX2, and FPGA.
  3. Run vcredist_x86.exe (2.6 MB) with right version of C runtime libraries.
  4. For using USRP with Winrad, you must copy file ExtIO_USRP.dll (64 kB) into Winrad directory. Typically c:\Program Files\Winrad. Then you can start Winrad and in menu "Show options/Select input" select "USRP". For first start window reappears to add a new device again. Instal it like in point 1.
  5. For using USRP with Skimmer server you must install Intel Integrated Primitives library. Unpack file IPP51.zip (23 MB) into separated directory and run setup.exe in it. Then unpack and copy file CWS_USRP.dll into Skimmer server directory.

Typically c:\Program Files\Afreet\SkimSrv. Then you can start Skimmer server and select USRP device from combo on tab "Skimmer". For first start window reappears to add a new device again. Instal it like in point 1.

Finally note - USRP acts as two different devices. One after first power up - without firmware. And second after uploading firmware by one of the libraries. As a result, after first power up library reports error. You must restart application and then everything was fine :-)

If someone was interested about the source code of this libraries, there are available from author on mail. All files download here.

Enjoy It !


Recorder is a useful utility developed by Petr, ex OK1IRG. It uses a sound card to save audio signal into wav file. Thus, after contest you can simply replay any part of your activity and listen to the sequence over and over till you get sure all in log is OKay. Even if you have two receivers you may use a stereo version. Two files are made and differ with the most left letter in file name (L - left, R - right channel).


  • 100% freeware
  • wav output format
  • sampling frequency 8 kHz and powerful GSM 6.10 compression
  • disk space consumption 5,6 MB / hour
  • whole 48 hours HF contest fits on single CD-R
  • stereo version for two receivers available
  • separate file every hour
  • 32 bit version for Windows 95/98/NT/2k and XP



To terminate the application press Ctrl+C.

Software expectations

This software needs Win32 API. Currently it is particulary available on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000 or high.

Hardware expectations

According to expectations specified above. If one of these operating systems will fit well to a notebook it is the first achievement. Next need is to have installed codec for GSM 6.10. There is a dialog window when displaying this codec properties containing a maximal sampling for real-time compression. It should show you at least 22050 Hz mono. That means leastways Pentium on 200 MHz in general. Again, there is a natural necessity to have some sound card.

Any opinions, comments and experiences are welcome! Please, contact on autor petrparyzek[.—.-.]seznam[.-.-.-]cz in order to keep developing the Recorder. Thank you.

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